Lectores (:


It seemed forever stopped today.. All the lonely hearts caught a plane and flew away.. And all the best women are married.. All the handsome men are gay.. You feel deprived!.
Are you questioning your size? Is there a tumour in your humour? Are there bags under your eyes? Do you leave dents where you sit? Are you getting on a bit? Will you survive? You must survive! What are you really looking for?.
Another partner in your life to abuse and to adore? Turn down the love songs that you hear ‘cause you can’t avoid the sentiment.. That echoes in your ear.. Saying: ‘Love will stop the pain!’ .. Saying: ‘Love will kill the fear!’ .. Do you believe? You must believe!.

2 comentarios:

Hikikomori dijo...

I will survive, Because I believe, and that's enough...

Te estoy siguiendo ;3

Aguus dijo...

Que lindo :)
Un beso , gracias por tus palabras del otro dia !