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You say I should do it differently.. I don’t necassarily agree.. Stand up! Sit down! Be nice! Did you hear me ask for your advice? Don’t bother trying to tell me your beliefs.. Your point of view looks pretty screwed to me. Do this! Do that! Do me a favour and don’t talk back! Shut up don’t wanna hear your voice! Shut up I’m sick of all the noise! ‘Blah blah blah blah’: That’s what it sounds like you said to me.. You must have better things that you can do.. or does your life revolve around me too? Don’t wanna be polite.. It’s messed up! How you always think you’re right.. There’s nothing you can say that’s gonna change the way I am.. so.. SHUT UP!

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Romi dijo...

excelente cancion para dejar a todos callados!